Eagle Merchant Partners

Our Approach

Eagle works with excellent management teams to develop sustainable value creation plans underpinned with specific initiatives. The Eagle team invests the time to understand critical opportunities, challenges and objectives facing our executives and strives to foster a culture that produces results through planning, executing and open communication. The Eagle partners have all held operating roles enabling better understanding of the challenges facing management.

Sector Expertise

  • Average of 15 years investing in Consumer, Business Services and Industrial sectors
  • Educated view for due diligence and during our ownership
  • Experienced multiple cycles, enabling better decision making

Operating Involvement

  • All of the partners have hands-on operating experience as a CEO, CFO, President or active Executive Chairman
  • Established operating partner network to complement management
  • Rigorous, proven operating process playbook

Excelling in Complex Situations and Rewarding Success

  • Completed multiple complex transactions including corporate carve-outs, family-owned businesses, industry consolidations, capital constrained growth infusions and bankruptcy auctions
  • Eagle takes an active role to work with management and intermediaries to navigate challenges and then reward success when achieved

Example Investments

In each of the below examples, Eagle created significant value for all shareholders.

Corporate carve out from AFC Enterprises in 2004, exited in 2009.

  • Grew EBITDA over 50% in less than five years
  • Significantly improved the four-wall returns through lower build-out costs, higher Average Unit Volumes and better margins from labor efficiency
  • Introduced new products including spicy chicken
  • Grew store base by over 100 stores in the U.S. and internationally

Growth capital to consolidate the last mile logistics sector and build a transactional platform. Original investment in 2006, exited in 2013.

  • Grew EBITDA 76% over six years
  • Built new transactional network with 23 cross-dock facilities and $50mm in incremental revenue in the e-commerce and small shipper segment
  • Acquired four companies, including a technology provider to ensure ownership and control over all IT platforms

Varel International Energy Services, Inc.: Led recapitalization of company, supporting the investment of the senior management team, in November 2007, exited in 2014.

  • Grew EBITDA by 80% during the first five years
  • Acquired Downhole Products, a manufacturer of critical downhole completion products, in April 2008
  • Expanded company operations throughout the world, including a new joint venture in Russia
  • Supported Lean Enterprise initiatives targeted at global manufacturing operations and enterprise-wide business process throughout investment period

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